Professor, Chung Ki Hong


    1977 - B.S. in Physics, SNU
    1979 - M.S. in Physics, KAIST
    1984 - M.S. in Physics, University of Rochester
    1988 - Ph.D. in Physics, University of Rochester


    1979-1982 : Researcher, Korea Standard Laboratory
    1988-1990 : Researcher, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Fields of Specialization : Optics

    Quantum Optics
    Hologrphy : Computer-Generated Hologram
    Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometer

Major Publication

    1. Nonclassical Photon Interference Effect, C.K.Hong, Z.Y.Ou and L.Mandel, "Photons and Quantum Fluctuations",eds. E.R.Pike and H.Walther (Adam Hilger, Britain, 1988)
    2. Interference between a Fluorescent Photon and a Classical Field : An Example of Nonclassical Interference, C.K.Hong, Z.Y.Ou and H.Mandel, Phys.Rev., A37, 3006(1988)
    3. Measurement of the Subpicosecond Time Intervals between Two Photons by Interference, C.K.Hong, Z.Y.Ou and L.Mandel, Phys.Rev.Lett., 59, 2044(1987)
    4. Experimental Realization of a Localized One-Photon States, C.K.Hong and L.Mandel, Phys.Rev.Lett., 56, 58(1986)

Reserch Activities

    Computer generated hologram using direct binar method(POSTECH)
    Optical non contact surface roughness measurin development(POSCO)
    Quantum efficiency measurement by photon pair experiment
    Elecronic speckle pattern interferomenter development(RIST)

Department of Physics, POSTECH
HyoJa-Dong San 31
KyungBuk Pohang, Korea, 790-784

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