Professor, Soo Yong Park


    1967 - B.S. in Physics, SNU
    1969 - M.S. in physics, SNU
    1976 - Ph.D. in Physics, Harvard University


    1976-1979 : Reseacher, Syracuse University
    1980-1981 : Reseacher, Yale University
    1982-1989 : Reseacher, Naval Research Laboratory

Fields of Specialization : 고주파 발생장치

    Theory and Experiment on Electron Cyclotron Maser
    Gyrotron Osillator, Amplifier - 고출력, 고주파 발생 및 그 응용
    가속기 물리 - 선형가속기, 저장링
    소립자론, 양자장론 이론 - Charmonium, nonAbelian gauge theory

Major Publication

    1. Experimental Study of Gyro-BWO, S.Y.park, R.H.Kyser, C.M.Armstrong and R.K.Parker, IEDM Tech.Digest, 933(1987)
    2. A Linear Theory and Design Study for a Gyrotron Backward-Wave Oscillator, S.Y.Park, V.L.Granatstein and R.K.Parker, Int.J.Electronics, 57, 1109(1984)
    3. On Magnetic Monopole Interractions, L>O'Raifeartaigh, S.Y.Park and K.C.Wail, Phys.Rev., D20, 1941(1979) 4. Spectrum of Heavy Masons in e+ e- Annihilation, B.J.Harrington, S.Y.Park and A.Yildiz, Phys.Rev.Lett., 34, 168(1975)